Tuesday, November 3, 2020

God Works Through Friendships

Another Month, Another Blog!

October was an incredible month in ministry. I can't wait to share all about it.

    To start, we had our Fall Park Day. Typically we have a Fall Camp around this time of the year where students will spend an entire weekend at a retreat center to worship together, play games, and make new friends...but this year with Covid in the mix, of course we had to change some of that. UTA put on a single "Park Day" instead of a weekend retreat where we incorporated a lot of the same ideas. We spent a whole Saturday at Mount Lebanon in Cedar Hill and I was SO encouraged by the fruit that came from this. Six girls from my core came (plus Sam and myself) and it was so clear that this event was impactful to each of them spiritually and relationally. They shared with me after about how the mini-sermons and some of our student leader's testimonies convicted and encouraged them in their own walks with God. It was also evident that our whole community at large felt more connected to one another and got to taste the goodness of real community and build deeper friendships within our ministry. God is so good for the clear weather he provided for us to be able to be outside for most of the activities. The indoor activities we cautiously approached with masks and, PRAISE GOD FOR 0- I REPEAT, ZERO- COVID SCARES in response to this larger event!!!

Here's some pictures from Fall Park Day!
An exciting game of volley ball, if you couldn't tell

    The community building continued amongst my core throughout the month. These girls have eagerly pursued relationships with one another. They hang out multiple times per week even when neither Sam nor I facilitate anything! It is so clear that God is moving in this group and is using our ministry as a platform for his work. I hear about conversations they have about Jesus with each other when their curiosity is stirred in our core or in our Thursday night "Deep Dives". My personal highlight within our small pocket of community would be our trip to the pumpkin patch though! It's such a simple thing, but God really did use this gathering/field trip as a time for Sam and I to communicate love and friendship towards these girls. It also gave them a space to practice those things for themselves. There was a difference after our little adventure in our next core- girls began to share more deeply and more personally than ever before, and I think that's because they felt loved, safe, and accepted in our group- the way I think Jesus' presence makes us feel.

My beautiful core, my sweet friends!

Student in the Spotlight!   

    For the next few months, I've decided I'll share about a different student I've gotten to have a personal relationship with. This is Melina! 

    Melina and I are studying FOJ. She has been so hungry for God's word and truth. She has been humbly seeking guidance in multiple areas of her life and I think the Lord is really using her humble attitude and teachability to mold her to look more like him. I adore spending time with her and I think God has given us a really special friendship. I asked her if she would tell me what's been impactful to her about FOJ so I could share it with others and she said, "how vulnerable I can be...Throughout my life I truly struggled with opening up to people but having FOJs with Taylor have been really helpful towards my spiritual and mental health. I also love how we both have this big love for Jesus!" This girl is the sweetest and God is doing work I cannot even begin to take credit for. He has been so strategic in aligning our struggles. I've been able to minister and speak into Melina's life by sharing truths God has pointed me to in my own hardships.
    I'm excited to share in the future about the work God is doing in other girls!


  • Over my one on one studies with Melina, Sarah, Vanessa, and Thu
  • For our last cores to be impactful and for our ministry to be thoughtful and creative in loving our students while they're at home! We won't really see anyone after Thanksgiving until January
  • Safe travels/healthy bodies as people go home for Thanksgiving celebrations
  • For my teaching certification tests! I plan on taking them in December and am still deciding if I want to go into teaching after this year or if I want to stay in ministry for a little longer- so please pray over that decision too!

Here's our monthly student testimony. Read and pray please and thank you!

    Thanks a ton for reading and supporting me financially, in prayer, and with your words!