Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer Ministry

What Does a College Minister Even Do During the Summer??

Well...this one got married!! 

Austin and I are SO excited to begin our lives together, and we actually will BOTH spend this upcoming school year doing campus ministry full-time! 

    One of the things I loved most about my wedding was getting to see so many people I love all in the same place at the same time. I was so encouraged to see multiple girls from my core this past year, in addition to those even from past years of my core, celebrating with me and Austin. It's rewarding to see that the work done in college ministry is not done in vain and the relationships built and invested in are really worth something. It reminds me of this axiom we teach our leaders, "If you love enough people, enough people will love you." My heart was so full of affection for God when I looked out during the ceremony and saw many people I've befriended and poured into- they were there, expressing deep and genuine love for me in return.

This is my co-fa from this past year, Sam. She's been such a good, helpful friend to me and I was beyond blessed to have her around all day getting ready for the wedding and of course during the actual wedding festivities. She sets an example for me in service and authenticity.

These are my apprentice friends that I spent the year learning with and doing ministry along-side (all at our different campuses)! They also came to support me and Austin! I would not be the wife and minster I am without these guys.

And these are all girls from my core this year that came to the wedding!! It was so sweet how many of them drove from multiple hours away to be here. God definitely used them to make me feel loved and special that day. I know he will continue to grow them and use them to show His love to MANY more people too.

What Else?

    I'm still meeting up with students! Some I meet up with over FaceTime since they have gone home (to Houston or Waco or Austin or even Connecticut) over the summer. And some are still around so we can meet up in person over the summer.

    I started FOJ with MaLiyah, a girl who joined our core in the spring semester. She's living in Arlington over the summer, so we have been meeting consistently to read and study the Bible and talk through our lives and how we can love God and people better through them. 
FOJ is a one on one Bible study tool FOCUS uses and if you're interested in using it to study the Bible with someone you know, here's a link!!

    Lastly, this summer I am FUNDRAISING! As many of you know, I raise support for my salary to be able to do college ministry full-time. I'm at about 75% of my goal with about 3 weeks left to keep reaching out to people. I'm so grateful for the people who are currently on my support team. I am immensely blessed!! I trust that God will continue to provide, but it's easy to feel anxious about this subject when it feels I'm pressed for time. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!

Here's some things you can pray and praise for too!