Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Ministry as a Lifestyle

 Happy New Year! 

I'm back from a little holiday break and ready to share some of my life and heart!

    I know the majority of my posts are about campus ministry as that is the real purpose of my blog, but ministry doesn't just stop there. Being a disciple of Jesus is not something you clock in and out of, so despite not being on the college campus as much in December, I still got to co-labor with God in other ways. 

    First, Austin and I made and delivered some Christmas treats to our neighbors in our apartment complex. It was such a neat opportunity for outreach we just couldn't pass up. I'm so glad Austin had this idea! We got to show warmth and friendly faces to the people on our floor that we have never met before despite living there for 6 months. Even though we didn't get to have any crazy, spiritual conversations, we got to demonstrate the thoughtfulness, hospitality, and generosity of God to people who may not see that very often. I hope we can build on some of these relationships we started. Pray for that!

    Another thing I got to do quite a bit of was spend time with my little cousins. Because they live in the Austin area and I am in DFW, I don't get to see them in person too often, but I believe God has put it on my heart lately to intentionally pursue these sweet girls in my life. I hope my love and care for them reflects God's love and care for them, and I want to be in their life enough for them to feel like they have a tangible example of what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus. A lot of my time with them was spent playing, making Tik Toks, and decorating cookies with them...but I personally think this is just as valuable as any sermon I could ever give.

    Lastly, I went on a girl's trip with 2 of my best friends! One of the girls is actually still a student-leader at UTA, but the other is an alum. The 3 of us went down to the Austin area for a few days and got to enjoy each other's company while also seizing opportunities to bless one another through encouragement, finances (buying someone's food/item), and acts of service (driving, accommodating to someone else's plans, etc.). Friendship is maybe my 2nd favorite gift from first favorite is laughter and there was a lot of that on this trip too ;)

How are you engaging with and blessing the people God has placed in your life? Your friends, your family, your neighbors, or coworkers? How does God want to work around you?

I will have plenty of campus-related updates to give next month as we have winter camp coming up super soon!! (January 14 - 17)
1. For Covid cases to fall before camp and for protection from Covid spreading at camp
2. For students who are hesitant to go to be open and motivated to go
3. For God to work through the teachings, worship, and relationships at Winter Camp!