Friday, August 6, 2021

Re-Introducing Campus Ministry

Hi readers!

     I'm so excited to have some new people on my support team this year- WELCOME! And thank you for partnering with me in what God is doing at UTA and in DFW!
I wanted to start off the school year by sharing about campus ministry- what it is and why it's so important.

     As many of you know, I'm a campus minister for F.O.C.U.S. (Fellowship of Christian University Students), so to introduce this specific ministry, I wanted to share our vision statement.
"The vision of F.O.C.U.S. is to plant vibrant, intellectual, outreaching, Jesus-loving communities on every college campus in the DFW area, and to be a resource for the world, equipping and sending campus missionaries."

     College is a really pivotal and formative time as many students are gaining more independence, learning about who they are now and, making decisions that impact who they will become in the future. The people in this season of life are more open to exploring new ideas than most others. What an incredible opportunity and responsibility we have then to invest in these people and point them towards the truth about who God is and who He wants them to be while their hearts and minds are uniquely open and receptive!

What's the Language??

As you continue to read some blogs- you may notice some words come up often, so here's some vocab:

Core: these are our smaller, typically gender specific groups where we pursue purposeful friendships by sharing about our lives, praying for one another, encouraging one another, and eating or playing games with one another. It also is a place where we explore what it looks like to walk with Jesus by facilitating conversation about the scriptures, worship together, and have space to ask questions.
Core-fa: This is what you're called if you lead a core; and your Co-fa is the person you are paired with to do so!
F.O.J.: this is our one on one bible study called Focus On Jesus. It's just a tool that goes over the entire story of scripture (focusing in on key books and passages) while also discussing what the implications are for real life outside of "bible study". There are 10 lessons to this study and often when people finish, they go on to study with other new people!
T.N.F.: Thursday Night Fellowship! This is our time of worship, teaching, and fellowship (community and relationship building). Our entire UTA F.O.C.U.S. community gathers together for this time.

So hopefully my blogs will make a little more sense moving forward. We are about to kick off the year with school starting in about 2 weeks and all of those things- Core, TNF, etc- will begin soon!

Here's how you can Pray:

  • For our Welcome Week! This will be the first 2 weeks of school where we have A TON of events happening to meet new students while they're looking for things to be involved in and friends to stick with. Pray for us to meet students who are in need of Jesus and for God to give our student leaders and campus pastors boldness and zeal to reach people. This begins August 20th!
  • For protection from COVID-19. Our staff at UTA is completely vaccinated, but not all of our students are and even if they were, it's quite possible the University could put limitations on our ministry abilities and opportunities. We've seen God's faithfulness in these limitations this past year, but we certainly would prefer to get back to normal!

     I'm so excited to share about how this first month goes as we encounter new students and invite them into our community and ultimately into God's Kingdom!!
Here's our UTA team that will be doing that this year! 

     So that's my vague overview of F.O.C.U.S. and some of the key things we do, but I would encourage you to read this story about how this ministry personally impacted someone. I have stories like these on all of my blogs and I encourage you to read them and celebrate the work God is doing here!