Saturday, December 11, 2021

Highlights of Fall 2021

Merry almost Christmas!

     I'm pretty sure I feel this way every year...but I am shocked that an entire semester has gone by. 

     To wrap up the semester, I wanted to share some highlights of where/how God has been moving in our ministry.

     This is MaLiyah (and the rest of us celebrating her birthday). I know I've mentioned her before because she was in my core last year and had kind of an odd story since she came mid-year- while many people join FOCUS after the first few weeks of school because they were met at some sort of welcome-event. 
I AM AMAZED at God's work in her. MaLiyah is someone that I definitely see as a spiritual leader in our core and in her family now. She loves the Lord and is actively taking steps to grow in areas she sees a need to- such as investing in deeper friendships and reaching out to new people to share her life and faith with them. Being naturally more reserved, MaLiyah has really stepped out of her comfort zone in order to be a better disciple. I am thankful for her friendship and the Spirit's work in her.

       This is our UTA women's leader team. They have also been such an encouragement and testament to God's work. Some other girls who were in my core last year, Lizzy and Sarah, are in this picture now as leaders! It has been so neat watching God grow them as disciple-makers. They have both grown A TON in their leadership and I am so proud of them for the initiative they have taken this semester in pursuing young women the way they were pursued last year. What a beautiful depiction of our faith- once we are blessed with it, we go and bless others with it! In addition to those girls, it really is amazing to look at this picture and see all of the ladies who are committed to serving God and college students on UTA's campus. Our ministry could not run without our core-fa's, and it's my prayer that the skills and character developed here will be taken into whatever place they go after college.

     This is my friend, Stephanie. Stephanie is in my core this year and while she grew up with Christian beliefs, this is her first time in Christian community. She is loving the friendships she's made as well as how she's been prompted to think about her faith more critically through discussions in core and sermons at TNF. Stephanie just decided she wanted to study the Bible more deeply and in a one-on-one setting next semester and I am eager to see how Jesus continues to reveal himself to her. She will be studying with my friend, Melina. Please pray for them as they do this!

     And last, but certainly not least- PRAISE GOD FOR HIS WORK AT TCC NORTHEAST!!! Our core has been growing and the group pictured above has been consistent for the past 4-6 weeks. What's even more exciting is the fact that the majority of these students are completely bought in and want to be a part of this ministry taking root and growing on this campus. Many of these students have expressed that they didn't expect anything like this at Tarrant County College and are incredibly grateful for our the community we've created. I truly believe we are bringing LIGHT and LIFE to this campus.

I pray each of you has a wonderful and restful Christmas and break from work!

Here's how you can pray for us:

- WINTER CAMP! It's coming up in January- pray for students to be prompted to come and for God's hand of protection and order to be over it.

- For myself and our students to be truly replenished over the break...not with laziness and selfishness, but with slowing down and connecting with God, his people, and the rest of his creation.


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