Thursday, November 4, 2021

TCC Taking Off

Hello and Happy November!

    The main thing I want to share about today is our plant at Tarrant County College, because I have GOOD NEWS. God is truly moving there and I believe he wants to do something. Here is a picture of a few of us at the zoo together:

Rowan works at the zoo in Fort Worth and got us all tickets- SO sweet. We love community building.

    The 3 students in the picture along with the other campus pastors on my team have been very consistent in coming to the core we started at TCC. They are also all doing a one on one bible study with either Graham or myself. Rowan has been such a neat girl to meet with. Though we have very different interests, I truly enjoy and learn from our time together. I am SO encouraged by the work the Spirit is doing in her through our core and FOJ studies. She shared this past week that she used to only think about God's existence every now and then...but now she considers him and even thinks about communicating with him on an almost daily basis. WOW. She really seems to desire to be like Jesus and is very open to looking more like him so far. I am excited to see how her devotion to Jesus continues to grow over the rest of this year.

Finally became an official student org that can reserve rooms! Thank you to those of you who prayed about that!

    I know that impressive numbers are not what our ministry is striving for, and I certainly believe God's work is present and valuable in just the 3 of them- BUT something super exciting is that FOCUS was able to table at TCC's Fall Fest the other week and we were able to reach a lot of students through that! And as a result, we've had 6 new people come to core and multiple others who gave us their phone number and email that aren't able to come this semester because of class interference, but are interested in coming next semester! I'm feeling very hopeful about this ministry.

Me and Eldrian doing some outreach/tabling on TCC's campus!

    It is very evident that the staff/faculty WANT student life to be there. What an awesome opportunity for our ministry to really partner with the university and make a positive impact on this campus. I believe a Jesus loving community can have a symbiotic relationship with their college campus. On top of that, I remember at the beginning of the school year, I had at least 3 (if not more) students tell me how lonely they felt at school. This breaks my heart, but I think it also affirms the idea that FOCUS can really meet a need on the TCC campus by befriending and loving students in a way that points to Jesus.

    PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR MINISTRY AT TCC!!! I am specifically at the Northeast Campus, but we have 2 other campus pastors at the Southeast Campus where God is moving as well! Pray for God to use our ministry to be a light on the campus and pray for Kingdom-work to happen at TCC. Community colleges often are overlooked and not seen as a place where one can develop fruitful relationships and have meaningful experiences, but that is a lie we are fighting against. Thanks for being a part of this mission in your financial gifts, prayers, and encouragements!

PS: Check out this student testimony for encouragement and 
more specific prayer requests within our ministry!


  1. Don't worry about numbers!! You are doing a GREAT work!

  2. Love all the updates!!! Keep it up!! And yes it’s too early foe Christmas decorations 😘🤪

    1. LOL don't worry mine aren't up yet ;) Thanks Ashley!!

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